How to fix City Hunter mask (and all that will come)

City Hunter mask is my favorite Predator mask. It looks good in the game but it could be better.

I noticed that using the ”Sage” colour on the mask at least makes it look a bit better than the default bronze one.

Unless it already occurred and I missed it somewhere, I was hoping to hear Illfonic respond in regards to addressing the City Hunter’s mask problems, roar problems, its bugs in general and a possible hotfix for those bugs. But I guess we just wait for August’s DLC at the end of the month and hope it’s piggybacked.

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I believe Courier mentioned something in a diffrent post, something about City Hunter expieriance not being what they want it to be and that it will be changed - but no details on to what wexactly will be changed


Let’s hope it’s all encompassing!

Ok, its been a while since Illfonic completely ignored this thread - so lets remind them ;-)

This is what we have in game just now:

Its completely inaccurate, multiple issues with this design.
This is what it looks in the movie:

This is what I’ve been up to for the past 3 hours:

Still not there yet, but I’m getting close. Eyes will need some more work, needs bottom of the snout reworked, but so far its going swimmingly, no textures were hanged in any way, also fits all pred heads in game so far. @OldKingHamlet @Courier as you can see, its probably possible…


The movie version looks like he got smacked in a compressor 🤣


Your dedication and hard work are commendable 👍🏼💯

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Thanks! But I do it mostly quz I’m bored with the game atm…

nice i own the jungle predator suite for my cosplay just the same as predator movie

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How much does this thing weight?

@OldKingHamlet @Courier you know what? Never mind – devs don’t give a single gram of shit, neither do I anymore. I was just doing my best to be helpful.

I would love to close this thread but there seems to be no option for that, can you do it for me please?

Apply for a job at illfonic and become the mvp of the company those renders are pretty good actually now I see the difference

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Thanks, but I’m done with fixing their stuff for them - been doing this for weeks now, begging for a replay regarding my vex rework and CH mask, rescaling of weapons - not a single gram of fuck from their end was given.

I concur, it has the same gist, especially the curved nose/mouth piece, plus the film version looks awkward compared to the game version of City Hunter mask. I’m fine with what @illfonic design team implemented.

How much time has passed exactly since you’ve brought these things up? I imagine it takes time to make sure everything is lined up properly.

I’ve raised the CH mask issue the day he was out, weapons rescaling about a week ago. Dose not matter now anyway - it won’t get changed, and tbh its not Illfonics fault

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Yeah doesnt a different studio do the cosmetics? Forgive my ignorance i only know second hand

Man ghost is just as badass as jungle hunter, he was a straight up savage

So if you adjust it, will it still fit all Unmasked Classes? I’m just saying maybe they were anticipating adding super big tusked preds like Scar or something. i dunno. Why go through all the effort?..