How to fix the Bow Bug

Well, since I’m usually only use to quick scope with the bow I’m not that bothered by the bow bug. I rather like it to be able to quick shot my arrows.

Then, yesterday I talked with @i_R_Old_Gregg about what would be a good fix for the bow.

Well, answer would be simple: Add the switch function of the automatic Fireteam guns and make it Charged Shot/Quick Shot for the bow.

The function is already there so, it probably wouldn’t be that hard to implement it for the bow.

Well, your now free to leave your opinion on this.

Have a nice day/night
💀 Aihrui


I have had this same thought multiple times while playing. They can even take it a step further and give all the Predators ranged weapons this function.

So the handle held would be slightly more viable because maybe we can charge the 6 shots together and make a massive spread shot type shot

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That is a good thought too.
Would make stuff so much easier for players with different styles.
And it would stop the constant “Fix the bow” post’s.

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Yup, I had the same exact thoughts too.

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Yes it would kind sir yes it would.

I would like to apologize to @i_R_Old_Gregg cause he is a parry god and a great player

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Fundamentally the bow bugs out only when the FT are in close proximity/aiming at them. Any reason why that is? Pre-programmed maybe? I would speculate this has some underlying functionality being leaked into the game unintentionally or purposefully.

They need to make a crossbow for FT

All they gotta do is separate the melee and shooting buttons like the FT.

Problem solved.

Well even if you could toggle it on or off the charge bug would still exist. So whether you have it on or off it wouldn’t matter since you would still only be able to quick shoot thanks to the bug. This would just be a redundant thing to add.

Would probably get rid of the wrist blade ads bug too.