How to invite PS4/5 and Steam players when on EPIC and vice versa???

as simplified as possible plz :D

Is PS4/Ps5 the same thing since they announced the crossplay easy peasy process ? I dont think thats changed.

To test the steam process, i kind of need willing test subjects. Are there anyone of those STEAM PEOPLE reading this?We could use your help.

Ive already played with several dozen today, so there seems to be a influx of them.

if we could have an official response to the prcedure it would be very helpful @IllFonic

I saw one of the mods address this in another thread. Think it was the patch notes but I’m not sure. I know for Playstation I had to create an Epic account.
Think it’s the same, I know you have a Steam account so I think you link it to your Epic and friends on Steam show up in the game

hm Ok i have my epic and steam linked and i added a guy yesterday on steam who plays it, so its either not working OR theyre just not playing it… iv not really tried hard (as you can tell) to do it so, maybe its just me.

Anyone got it working. Epic with steam invites or steam inviting epic players?

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Steam Users will probably be playing within their own groups by them selves for a while without any Epic or PS players.

how do you link your epic to steam so ur epic friends show in steam? so steam users can invite epic players?

im confused lol

I documented my take on gettingg my Steam user account online and llinked to my epic (this is a matter of what you’re using). Since I bought the game on Epic, then I’m using Epic to link my Steam account. Its probably the opposite if you boaght through STEAM.

…just need Steam fellows. I don’t know any.

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