How to pull a Star Wars Battlefront 2

This game can be compared to the launch of SWBF2 in many ways, and can be saved in the exactly same way. The key is communication. The launch of bf2 was absolutely horrendous and the number of players at the start dropped off significantly because of content and a lack of communication. Then, a new community manager, Ben Walke, was appointed, and with his communication and hyping the community up, that played a significant factor in the game’s success. He interacted with people, even just to say something along the lines of I noted this bug and will pass it on to the bug fix devs. That is what truly saved the game, because people felt like their opinions were being heard, and in all actuality they were. This game is has the potential to even do better with interacting and keeping the community alive because we have this forum. I have seen and felt that the devs are not interacting with the community as much as they should be, and that has caused several of the OG Veterans to leave. This could be due to a variety of reasons, but it is of utmost importance for the longevity of the game that communication increases. There is also one key mistake SWBF2 made once it got back on its feet, and that was to somewhat abruptly shut down development. This game should be sure to avoid those mistakes and keep going strong.

Sorry for the long winded rant, but in summary, increase communication to save and improve the game.


It can be compared to literally every game as a service except RE resistance

Yes, but for the sake of my opinion I used BF2 as it is a relatively recent game that I have a lot of experience in and was there from day 1.

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I’m fine with no communication as long as new maps, weapons, characters, gear and perks are added every month

The game has the potential to last until ps6

Whether or not it will we’ll find out soon enough

I think they took care of many issues already through both public and private messages from OKH.
You’ll never hear about them responding to private though.

Its just that after a bit, the bigger long standing issues are more tougher to solve.

Not to mention the enormous amount of untackedful, incoherent bug reports. Judging from the way people write them, they want immediate attention and dont realize if they had summed it up with details, they could post them, forget about them and eventually OKH will reach out.

Most of us try to write up examples, but too many people make one line posts with not a lot of detail. Its a shame.

I understand that. I was just saying my oen point. A lot of people seem to think PHG is specificly bad compared to other games.

Yeah, it is not as bad as people say it is compared to other games.

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Are you saying that @OldKingHamlet and @Courier are not good in communicating with us and keeping us hyped and excited for the upcoming content?! How dare you! These boys are doing a grant job! The player base is expanding every day only thanks to their exceptional ppl skill!

… btw, where the fuck are they? Have not heard a word from them for like 2 months now, are they still alive? Was this game abandoned or something?

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