How to reach level 135 fast

Hello there, I’m a new player of this game and I am level 42. Can someone tell me a fast way to reach level 135 (or 100)? I prefer with the fireteam but I can accept use the predator. Thank you for the help.

Just play the game.


Play FT, deal as many damage to the Pred as possible, get VT, defuse the bomb and kill AIs.

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Thank you for the help.

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If you’re on FT, yeah, do as much damage to the Pred as you can, that will net the most XP. Try not to be super distracted by VT, unless they are bricks or the huge piles. Defusing nets a big amount, if you’re still new at it then its good practice.

My best advice though, is play Pred as much as you can. Pred nets the most XP overall, and if you get decently good at it, you can learn to milk FT damage without dying, as you get more XP the more you are damaged. If you’re able to down them all and do enough long claims and stealth kills, you’ll get a ton of XP based on all of that together. In my experience, you level up much, much faster during a short span of time playing as Pred than as FT. But mix it up, run both with the tips we’ve given you. 135 won’t take too long if you’re consistent and stick to it.


Thank you sow much. The only thing is that pred doesn’t have the 30% xp boost. Sorry for the english. Thank sow much anyways.


It kinda compensates. Dealing 2kish damage to some preds that die in the first minutes, gives about 7k experience… I think… might be wrong here, but 7 kills (reinforcements included) as pred, gets you 10k…ish. If they do more damage to you, you get more, as somebody said. Max I got as pred was 19k plus change.

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You get more XP as Predator if you face a team of a similar skill level to you and you win as you get anything between 7500, and 16,000 XP in a match.

If you want I could give you a loadout that may help you level up faster as Predator.
It also depends whether you have bought DLCs so if you have then please specify which ones you have👍

But yeah to level up faster as Fireteam without XP farming in a Private match with a Partner as Predator, you just need to keep picking up Veritanium, kill AIs, complete the mission and damage the Predator, and if you can, kill and defuse his self destruct device.


quit the game before you end up like all the other players