Hunt: Showdown

Everybody looking for an awesome game should check this out. The hunter gone after dead is not true. Was only Marketing. You can reassign it with ingame currency. I wrote more on dead by daylight tread

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Its a better predator game unironically.

Stealth & barb wire traps are better than anything pred or FT gets on here lol. You get to make a SAW trap for people trying to kill the boss and watch them all walk into it. Very satisfying.
NPCs are also pretty serviceable.

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Amazing game yes has also an awesome soundtrack (port sulphur band, band at crytek)

Tried it

Played 9, 10 games in a row without PVP

The game is either dead or poorly designed

I’m not entirely sure, but I feel they lowered the amount of players per match compared to launch.

But I wasnt a fan of losing everything on death.
Honestly, if it was purely pve focused and let you do more stuff the concept would be fun as hell.

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It’s a great game new map just dropped on live servers. Plentiful weapon variety and strategies. The bow will be awesome when comes to the game welcome addition to the crossbow. Servers are always full on the westcoast.

I got it, great game with serious challenge but I rarely play cuz I’m always with randos… and ragequit when I lose a guy a built up lol

Every one in here talking like they actually get PVP

You’re so obsessed with pvp, you any good at 3rd strike?

Love to fight you in that xD

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I bought a PVP game I expect PVP

I can except a single player when it’s a single player experience

I get into spawn fights six out of 10 times I when play the game…unless you are completely ghosting compounds and avoiding clues you should be running into people. If you really want pvp just shoot everything that moves… then you will get clapped by sparks sniper from 250 meters away by a plague doctor hiding in a bush. Also there is the quick play option which is guaranteed for you to run into people. You either running away from fights or in native Oceania servers. Just switch your server and deal with high mms. Or it could be your mmm is so low you are not running into anyone at all. Try turning of skill based matchmaking when you queue up…also make sure you r playing trios instead of duos or solos in bounty hunt.

Not the question, yu answer me damn you?

I haven’t even played it

I’m assuming it’s CS:GO?

No not that shitty game.
Nvm you’re a noob thought you werent lol.

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Its street fighther btw.
Good game for 1v1 lol.

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Oh duh I should of know

Just a week or two ago I was watching videos about Evo moment 37

But in general I hate advanced combo’s and that extends to fighting games

I prefer games that empthesise positioning and dodging rather than how well you can use your tools

So DS, KH, siege, stuff like that

Ok so, you say DS and KH all that comes to mind is dark souls and kingdom hearts lmao.

Eh im just looking for ppl to play with every once in a while.
Tho I dont try to play like an evo player,
I’m not a fan of a lot of the cheap shit they use, I try to fight straight up.

So I’m never a super heavy combo guy, meaning, I dont really do the 70% combos or juggles in games.

I do have a few decent ones in 3rd strike but theyre pretty simple compared to evo level.

And honestly tho, what you said is kinda reversed.

Fighting all about positioning and dodging, while seige Is all about how well you use your characters traps, abilities, the gear you spawn in with lol.


Do I have to learn an advanced combo that takes months to master to learn how to place my Jager ADS’s?

Using siege gadgets is just another form of positioning since the vast majority of them are just place Downs.

Not fighting games

Sure you have the footies game and blocking which makes up the bulk of PVP but the real empthesis comes from combo’s and learning how to block against specific characters combo’s

Zoning is positioning.
Some attacks you need to dodge or are better off dodging.
Real dodging no I frames here.

And combos Shouldn’t take you months to master.
Like a week at most, and that’s if you dont play everyday.

Literally A few hours you should have combos down.

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True but that’s only a part of fighting games

Dodging? You mean footies?

Bit dramatic but you get the point

You have to learn combo’s

You don’t have to learn to press R1

At the end of the day I’m not a fan of combo games. It’s just a dealing and not a criticism so it’s not going to be consistent all the time

I don’t even like doom eternal that much, though I like doom 2026

Edit: darn it I’m not supposed to reveal the future