Hunting Grounds Gameplay


Let’s explore the world of Predator: Hunting Grounds and share our strategies; tips, and stories for mastering the game.

Do you have any killer tips for dominating as the FireTeam? Are you a experienced Predator player with tips for hunting down the opposing team effectively?

This is the right place to discuss everything related to Predator: Hunting Grounds, from gameplay tactics to memorable moments.

I found this resource Predator: Hunting Grounds Strategy Guide resource. It offers a lot of tips from the community.

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for pred: try the smart disc. I recommend using it with bionic or elder pred for stalker, but disciplined also works well. Very funny, it goes bonk and the whole fireteam dies.

For fireteam: run recon, with sniper (specialization), sawz, 10-11-12, field syrettes and frags, spotter, gearhead and thick skin. Congrats, you’ll win every game!


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