Hunting Season (Battle Pass Style suggestion)

I’d been down for anything but I want this game to be overhauled, and recoded, clearly the team is too small to handle the dictionary of bugs we have currently

This could keep the game going strong for another year if handled correctly. Ultimately tho, changes need to be made to the core game if PHG is to stay alive in the long run.

That’s granted and honestly I get people want bugs to be fixed and SURELY illfonic knows that too by not too.

Trying to steer from the obvious and keep the train a chugging, cause once things are set and done, they gotta have ideas to work with!

Great idea, but it’s too much work for them. Only thing that left is to release all predator skins and that’s it. Nothing more will be added to the game, maybe some mask and shader every few months…

Time will tell!

Yeah no this is a bad idea no offense

All it is…Tadaaaaa more shaders

And for the plasma bullets? Just use OWLF pit bull or plasma rifle

Even if that did happen, all the weapons especially pistols, sawz, and hammerhead would become meta

None taken.

You got any better ideas?

Id say more like…increased veritanium after matches, more exp after matches, 2 more custom loadout slots for each faction, etc

So just the same game with bigger rewards?

What about folks who don’t have anything to buy or folks who reach the max level?

Would sorta have the same game we got right now no?

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I guess it would be cool, but… also sounds like paying. Paying these guys for a game that is sometimes totally unplayable, is something I am not attempting to do anymore. I really really want to try the Emissary, but I won’t give these guy one more cent until we get no more frames drops and no more audio bugs etc etc.

Your forgetting 1 very important thing. That would require then to come out with new items. How much has been added in the last 6 months alone? Not much at all. There isnt enough staff working on it to implement that. From lainch would have been good bit now no.

In one of the first battle pass threads everyone was already aware they don’t have enough content for that.

It takes them months to release a couple masks and warpaints with huge gaps of time between & Illfonic would somehow miss the deadline regardless.
They picked their dripfeed pace for a reason.