Hunting Season (Battle Pass Style suggestion)

In today’s modern age of gaming, folks have gotten used to receiving a steady amount of content (cosmetic or not).

We all can agree it seems to be quite challenging for the current team to implement a system, where the players of PHG recieve a steady stream of playable content (bugs permitted, yes even talking about old ones) to continue to keep PHG feeling fresh.

My proposition is get rid of the level cap (thank you for trying to give us a grind)

Instead, provide a grindable, reset-able level (each month or however many would be deemed the “Hunting Season” length) where at the end of the season, you are rewarded with something that helps you reflect how far you’ve come along in that hunting season.

Examples could be:

  • nameplates
  • cool calling cards
  • unique weapon shaders (pred + FT)
  • unique armor/ outfit shaders (pred + FT)
  • warpaints/facepaints/scars (pred + FT)
  • you name it!

This also could blow the roof off the art department, in the sense of allowing them to constantly try have stuff to create and work with for people to utilize on their hunts and also to provide incentives for everyone to jump into the JUNGLE and reap the rewards of their hunts!

This could also provide players with the possibility of having new items like consumables on the hunts? High powered plasma? Plasma bullets for FT in their weapons?

This idea not for you? What could make it better?

Let’s brainstorm!


Honesty this isn’t a bad idea.


I’d get a battle pass if they included new characters, weapons, gear, perks and cosmetics (not shaders)

That calling card stuff I was never a fan of

I got $20 right now

I have absolutely zero issue with paying for them to add stuff that wasn’t in the base game


It’s been cheap so far, no point to complain.

It’s been cheap and sparse

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I’m just trying to name anything at this point to try to give illfonic any amount of things to try to help the game provide users, more of a connection to it. Or items they may be familiar with in other games that could possibly be an easy implement.

More of a reason to continue playing it and more of a reason to grind towards something other than just a number.

I appreciate them giving us the 999 grind, but I’d enjoy thinking the game, doesn’t have an end, due to it being a perpetual hunt.

It’s always different match to match.

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There is not nearly enough to grind for

Not a physical item, but the max level of 999 I meant.

Once you hit that number, there’s no purpose to want to play the game and earn exp.

Would enjoy if there were more cosmetic type items to grind for and have them on a rotational basis to keep things fresh for everyone.

Tank being put at 500 was the first time they have honestly really given the majority of thebplayerbase something to “grind” for.

Now to someone who’s 100ish or just picking up the game, they aren’t grinding till 500. That’s at least a year and a half of straight playing the game.

Make the levels reset everytime and allow someone within a certain time be able to achieve cool rewards, but you miss out if you don’t put in the time.

Pretty sure we all would constantly try grinding for cool predator stuff if we were presented the opportunity for it.

How can anyone be happy seeing a number change next to their name I’ll never know

For me the enjoyable part of leveling up is getting the very items I’m willing to pay money for

Tank is Nolan’s mask right?

See that is worth grinding for

So was the Elder

Hence this thread.

Proposing a new progression and reward system to give the community a better sense of a grind, while receiving awesome things to show how far you’ve come along their hunts with trophies and cosmetics etc.

Think it could be done and would be cool for a game such as this.

@Kassinaillia would be cool to have!!! 🙃🤙

Also they should improve the weapons leveling and introduce gear leveling as well


Sounds like an idea for another thread!!!

More the merrier and at least we mentioned the ideas.

Just up to illfonic to act upon em!


They should honestly replace all the decision makers with people from here

When I suggested a battle pass people were like “umm noooohh, bad ideaaa”.

And again the same people keep buying a reskin of a reskin.

Great idea!
With the type of content of this game’s DLC’s??
No thanks.
If the DLC’s at least brought something new everytime, at least, 1 new character, new weapons, new gear, a new map every Quarter, etc and if @IllFonic was prompted to correct bugs and glitches fast enough, hell i would buy every single season pass.

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Who cares what other people think?

Especially here LMAO

Nothing gets recieved here by folks unless the post is witchhunting, shit talking or bashing the game.

Might as well use this place as a “Hey at least the idea was thrown out there”

Never know, one day it might stick.

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That’s why I’m suggesting easier ways for them to pump out more and less buggy items.

Have your big paid and big free DLCs every 2 or 3 months.


Between that have these little Hunting Seasons that peppers in cosmetic items you unlock as you level.

Could curb anything major denting the game update wise and provide the team a steady flow of coding and practice for the game.

It’s a good idea but I don’t think ilfonic has the time or energy for this.

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When they do, they will have a super awesome model to work with hopefully!

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