I can not play. MetadatađŸ˜‘

On the PS4. Either I can’t get into the game because the metadata is not configured correctly. All other online games work without problems. A temporary solution is to delete the memory and the game. Reinstall the game and the game will work for 1 2 days and then I can repeat that again. Can you help me?

Try rebuilding the data base.
Look up on google or youtube how to do it.

Might help.

Servers are down for maintenance

They will be back online @12 noon Murica Mountain Time

my friends can already play, so it’s not that

Then it’s likely a new byproduct of them fiddling with the servers



I’ve had that for weeks

I tried to play some pred rounds tonight. I think they broke the game more. Some of the buggiest rounds I’ve ever played. ADS walk, predkour MASSIVELY bugged (hilariously so), combistick going wherever it wants, plasma caster not charging, etc. I encountered more but frankly don’t care enough to list them. Game is unplayable trash. Bravo Illfonic. You don’t deserve to be in business. Find other careers.