I can't tell you how bad it is

but you have my sympathies.

I played PHG for three matches…and…well I have not much to say but:

Enjoy the rest of the weekend. I tried. I will not be playing again. I will be looking for job.

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something wrong with this game?

Is there something right…?

It was meant to be a chinchin joke.

I honestly agree with everyone about how bad this game is.

I lost 3 times in a row to a player who abused reckless. The disc was destroyed in 1 second and my HP disappeared in 0.5 seconds.

Additionally, communication from illfonic has been cut off for about two months. What’s the point of this forum if there’s no response or dialogue from illfonic? (I’m sure this place is useful for studying English, but…)

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at least you play with skilled FT instead of potatoe FT. I eat my french fries! I don’t play with them!

and what does the illfonic do? Nothing! Nay, worse than nothing!

its ok brother chin chin. there will be other dlcs one day.