I challenge my fellow Yautja Brethren & Sisters

Well, I did this challenge for myself yesterday and I was baffled about it.

So, I thought the following: "Why don’t I challenge you to try and recreate the challenge yourself?"

Well, here I am challenging my fellow Yautja brothers and sister to hunt a full Fireteam with Elder Sword only.


I do it all the time, but with the Alpha sickle. Challenging but not impossible

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This is something most decent players can do against random or poor squads. Done it myself.

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I did this the whole time when every other weapon was bugged and led to crashes.

I hate to be an ass, but it’s not that hard. I did it a long time ago to prove a point

Someone talked up a shit storm to me for beating my team with Elder Sword swings near the end of the match and I decided it was time to prove a point.

Watching it again, I remember doing this right after that, I was still a little flustered lol. I apologize for the shitty mic and trashing.

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Your no ass at all. I just did it yesterday because I wanted to try it. I only used the elder sword shortly in my beginning days and switched it out for the combi.

But since I didn’t use combi that often anymore I decided to go back to the elder sword.

I was baffled by how good it was. But in the three matches after I got my ass whipped by the Fireteam.

None tried to parry me. So a question: Elder sword can be parried like any other weapon or not?

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The elder sword and alpha sickle are so strong compared to the other melee weapons, it’s not even all that hard to win exclusively with them. IMHO, they could use a 10-15% nerf in damage.

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Yes, it can be, but it’s rather difficult to parry. The Elder Sword swings twice initially, so that’s basically free damage if you catch em off-guard. The Alpha Sickle is a 3-4 hit down, one of, if not, the most overpowered melee in the game. I try not to use it since it’s a blatant way to piss people off. Not to mention how easy it is to use. The Alpha Sickle is another tricky weapon to parry, although it gets easier if you predict where they’re going to swing.

do claws or battle axe

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Depends on who you are against. Against a strong fireteam, each melee swing from your side, will cost you more health, than your damage output is. They are strong melee weapons, yes, BUT, they are still MELEE weapons, which itself is quite shitty. They don’t need a nerf, lol, they need a buff. Each weapon on pred side needs a buff.

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That achievement for using the wrist-blades only was a good one. Elder sword challenge is easier than that.

@Aihrui try this challenge:
Only move by using leap for a week with another weapon every day.
You’ll become extremely annoying if you master that. ;-)

That’s a good tip to only use leap. A challenge like that would probably make you a better player.

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Yeah, Preds who are perfect at leaping around you are the hardest to kill.

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I could try to do that, no promises though. But since I mostly use the bow I would probably try to master it with my signature weapon.

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