I challenge the strongest players of the PCDS clan

I would like to see such PCDS players WreckedDiehard
PCDS Yautja I really hope that you will not refuse my challenge, I am waiting for your response (you can take any weapon, but you cannot take the same classes)


Some core members have stopped playing as much due to work-related reasons or other things. I myself have 10-hour shifts Mon-Sat plus college so I can’t play as much as I used to. Getting a group together isn’t impossible, it’s just harder to do now.


You do mean 4v1 and not a 2v1, correct? I’m asking because you mentioned only two names

4 1

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Yeah I’m pretty much done with the game now man. Between work and Squadrons, I barely play a few hours a week.

aside from that, I’m not even one of the strongest members of the clan, lol

@Quadraxis, @XViper, @DPRK_Chopra, @WreckedDiehard, @MC-IR-113, @Sprocketeer @Scarface_1983 are all much better players than I am.

Most are barely playing anymore too. Haven’t seen most of them in weeks

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Kinda sad, but it is what it is. How do you like Squadrons? Just something new or actually a good game?

Is hard… lol

Haven’t played flight sims in ages. So, it’s been a steep learning curve. Overall, I really like the game. But I am a star wars fanboy so, don’t take my word for it.

Its ok. That’s why you were drawn to PHG likely. Good to hear that you’re enjoying it cause even though pgh is not that exciting now, it was probably not that easy to switch since for 6 months or seemed like this was the only game out there 😁

Man, I was asking the boys about you, haven’t seen you online in a while. It’s always fun playing together specially when we talk mess in Spanish lol…

It’s sad that you don’t play the game anymore, but tip of my funny hat to you for pulling both work and college. You are a very strong individual.

Do you have a Sqadron or do you fly solo?

On the right day, and right mood I can take down the Flash Gordons and Prozis of the community with these guys.


mostly solo. some friends have it but we rarely find time now to play together


Oh I play, it’s just not as much. I can’t stay up till 1 AM anymore and go to work the next day. My out time is 10 PM now.

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We are still the deadly duo in Clash 😘

fuckin right

Yeah… I think I’m done with the game.
I played a couple of games a few days ago, and it just felt ‘meh’.

I’m not uninstalling it just yet… but the lack of content in the direction of what I was hoping, combined with the continued frustration of how announcements and community interaction is handled… My goodwill is exhausted at this point.

I would probably still come back for some casual games with friends if I was invited, but I’m certainly not going to be enjoying any ‘sweaty’ play anymore.

I’ve been playing some Squadrons as well, and going back to some RTS roots.
And having a heap of fun messing around in Among Us discord games. :D


I didn’t really get a chance to burn out because I started working graveyard shift 6 nights a week so have been only playing 1 day a week for the last couple of months, but I’ve definitely noticed lately that the game isn’t fun on gameplay alone and it’s really the people you play with that make it enjoyable and I have just as much fun if not more with other games with them.

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