I did the video...

@Durbs2001 @One23kid501st @MostlyPizza

OneKid, I’m still working on the T-Pose Video. I’ll get it out tomorrow or Friday.

Get over it!

I did it per a request. You’re just jealous.

oh sure…request.

Yee, I’m making a funny moments in PHG compilation that should be out in a few weeks (I’m crap at editing, trying out some new techniques until I find some I like so it’ll take a while). I uploaded this little clip and I’m working on one more T-pose video per @One23kid501st’s request. And @Fire I am not a simp for Valkyrie.

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Ha jokes on you I’m a simp

Lol I wasn’t the one who started saying that xD.
But yes.
Yes you are.
Siiiiimp lol.

Sorry, wrong @.

Lol np

“I am not a simp” ha ha nice. Valkyrie would say otherwise tho.

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Can’t wait its going to be dope.

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iT’s A rElATioNsHiP, YoUr"e JuSt jEaLOuS.

Youtube’s being stupid again, the T-Pose vid will be out either later tonight or tomorrow.

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Oh yea, by the way for your melon PFP contact @REYNOSO_FUA11