I have a Theory

I was always under the impression that the Suler predators were fewer in number, but physically superior. That they separated from the other clans because they felt themselves superior, but we’re arrogant and overconfident in their skills, leading to their dwindling numbers, hence the reason 3 of them all died to a group of strangers in what was in all likelihood a 48 hr period.

That said, I loved the designs and the hounds, cyber-falcon, etc.

Bad bloods

Seeing as they got obliterated by swords and grenades and zerk had to use caster in his fight with that pred that had been tied up, i’m going to guess that they just have a fancy bloodline that doesn’t really amount to anything other than pedigree. And less netting.

Neca lore (it is canonical) would indicate that the separation with the regular Predators and the Supers occurred at some point in Egypt. Why specifically the separation occurred we still don’t know beyond just a difference in tactics but one thing led to another resulting in a sort of blood feud.

Outside of the crucifixion of the classic Predator the Supers as a whole (though unknown what group) did attack a Predator colony. This incident would result in the “Ghost” Predator that specifically targeted Supers. Scavage would be a hybrid of the regular Predators and the Supers (he would resemble a Super though) meaning the two variants could breed and that not all Supers had been utterly bloodthirsty. As far as anyone can tell Scavage could get along with the others.

Ideas of the backstory for the trio from the film had been that they’d been exiled from the homeworld but nothing about that ever came up in the lore, it’d just been someone on production came up with. Berserker, Falconer, and Tracker however had been a clan of three at the very least with Berserker being something of a prodigy as far as anything went officially. Similar to the Jungle Hunter they weirdly never did all that much with the Supers whereas we have a ton of information of the AVP Predators.

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The Super Pred who inspired the Egyptians into believing in Anubis killed unarmed men, woman, and children. This lead all supers besides the descendants of the “Anubis” Predator (ironic) to seperate and become bad bloods.

Ultimate Predator…
All stats Max
Impenetrable and Iron side as passive perks
Instead of cloaking he gets a temporary nano body armor
When he heals his Predator dogs come and protect him xD
Gear slot 15
Perk slot 15

Well who’s to say that super predators could be restricted to a game mode where the maps don’t have small buildings like the normal maps but then again restricting them would be pointless in adding them so I’m not too sure but hopefully the pharaoh predator will be great

I believe your talkin about night storm

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Sure but saying this means that The Predator had better writing & design work than predators.

Ya. I was thinking Nightcrawler but I wasn’t 100% so I kept to Anubis Predator

You know now I’m interested in a comic/T.V show of a trio of non-bad blood preds, using an old cliche, a male, a female, and a super descendent of Nightstorm.

Race war propaganda all along! Tbh though ive never seen toys dictate canon

And FT get the predator killer armor. Each and one of them! Buahahah!


Erm, no it doesn’t?

‘The Predator’ is worse in nearly every single way than ‘Predators’, and nothing in my post would suggest otherwise?