I have defended this game from day one...

…but now it’s not even fun. FT has been buffed beyond all comprehension and playing as Pred sucks. Tried two (2!!!) matches tonight and was lit up by a Derailed rooftop sniper crew and an Overgrowth Pred melting squad. I’m not the best Pred out there by any means but I used to enjoy somewhat reasonable matches. Won 50% of the time. This bullshit now??? Nope. Fuck it. Like I said, I’ve been a stalwart defender of this game since launch, but this shit just isn’t fun anymore. I can’t even play it. Illfonic…BALANCE THIS FUCKING SHIT. And if not …no one will care…but I won’t pick this shit up again. New map or not.


Thanks for helping the pred queue time


Also been here since around may or so… I’ll be honest I’m having more fun now on both sides than I ever have. playing FT packs a new punch with the damage, LMS buff, and new weapons.

I hadn’t really had to change my play style up too much as predator stay alive, either. Be really cautious, and go into most matches expecting to mess with the FT rather than obliterate them. You’ll have much more fun, and may event find yourself winning more, due to putting less pressure on yourself

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Good advice. More important to have fun than try to win. Act like a good pred and hunt. I played 5 matches and lost all 5 as Pred, don’t whine. Xan84 melted my scout melee pred before one sec before exfil lol.

Git gud


That was probably me and two other dudes. Dudes were merged into one dude. Pred killing dude. You thought about hunting dudes, but the dudes hunted you. Better luck next time, dead dude.

Bet you’re glad you posted this and got such helpful and insightful answers


Eat D#!&k

Huge Predator buff confirmed!

Player base has been shrinking. Even with a premade queue times are going 2-4 minutes for FT. So my guess is that fewer people are playing pred as well and so, you are being matched with more experienced players.

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Git gud

lol. Console?

Bro the game is not hard to win. I finally lost my first match as an elder after a long streak of winning and it was to a full squad of ps4 players the team before was PC and I beat them just but the ps4 players knew all my tricks and tactics and I just fallen to a good team

Game’s balanced.

@TheBrokenOne77 If you’ll kindly do the honours…

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You fail to see that players leaving or not playing isn’t helping pred queue times, it’s killing the game.


Here’s my advice…hopefully it helps u😎👍🏻

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Step 1 suck
Step 2 d#%k

I am good