I just bought one of those LED keyboards Reddragon

and howishit is it cool and gay …never have i ever been this conflicted. NOw I will type about 25% more accurately and be wowed by the laser light show.
Anyone else get one?
i’m hoping i don’t have to clean this moshow after a spill of beer or some shit like dust gets into it.
I usually buy small and silent (no clicking) keyboards usually and this is a change.
Plus I wrap my slim keyboards in serranwrap. Yeah. I’m a boob.

This moshow can light up like a christmas tree
check it out! and thats my hand. Don’t steal my identity Cina!


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this keyboard is like the cheapest you can get in the clickety type (blue switch) and the reddragon brand…and its lacking the numberpad section which i didn’t want.

I HAVE THE POWAAAAA! everyone needs this setting to let them know the power is in front of them!!!

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I found a video of you mass

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Your fingers looks like Saladfinger’s.

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Lean muscle , its more aerodynamic

They are alright for the price. I still have one in my secondary PC. I went for the logitech G910 cause it was on sale for 1/4 of its normal price