The way this game is is like being in the hot hot heat of the jungle.
Being around 3 other douche bags with pow pow things…looking out for anything in the jongo.

Then you find the predator! A PREDATOR! One of those killer alien things!
And realized that they is a playstation potatoe and ran into us and decided to do nothing but slashy slashy and got him second winded…because I melee parried and then he just went
hahahaa , “gonna blow meself up!”…
thats when i said…I’m never playing this shit again.

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22 because i deserve to collect bricks of purple stuff.
Wouldn’t you, mR. Fire collect them too?

but you know 23

got to love how Scotty is jus chill…

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I read the title of the thread and went:

Yeah get that emphasis on the loveD for past tense lmao


Have you tried playing it with VR glasses?