I need this

I need a The Berserker predator mask in the game Idk if Illfonic montors this site or what but I think no predator should be left out of the game they should do every pred in the movies at least. They need to do that because it would be a dope mask that probably a lot of other users would use. Its literally a jaw with teeth. If anyone whos reading this doesnt know who the berserker is google him

The Beserker is my favorite pred looks wise

Whats your favorite predator


Which one? There are two zerker in the movies.

We have Mr Black from Predators

And also Celtic from AvP

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Hes from predators I believe.
I haven’t seen him in the game, do you have to buy him?

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Mr Black is not in the game yet. I was just trying to figure out which Pred u were talking about

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Oh lol okay thanks

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