I realised games are not good for curing depression.

Bleh… anyone else?

I Don’t really think a medically confirmed chronical depression can go away really? Maybe by it self in future who knows lol… I always tried to treat it with games and internet in general… But however internet became a place just like real life atleast for me…

I actually never saw games as an escape until few yrs ago really lol… in general i blame society for that but oh well.


Video games is not a great escape for depression music is always my go to (usually way worse than any other method lol) video games makes me very anxious ect doesn’t help I hate other ppl 90% of the time :b just vibe by yourself do some cooking meditate ect those are probably the best imagine This game had everything you wanted these are probably better than playing video games or anything else’s these are my go to’s lol


I was diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder stemming all the way back to my childhood. I will be 34 this December. Curing? Impossible. It does help me from time to time but sometimes doesn’t help at all. Playing music ALWAYS helps me and so did going to the gym. Invest in a punching bag. Invest in you. You won’t regret it. Talk about it. Hell even cry. You’re not alone. Pain is universal. I have depression. Depression doesn’t have me.


When i played this game for first time a was so anxious… Even more when i played as a pred… Lol it was crazy, first month my hands always shaking during match so much… Anyone got this experience with this game?


I get anxious everytime. Embrace it. Thats the adrenaline getting you ready for a fight. It’s wierd because it only happens with this game and F13 well and of course before I’m about to actually fight someone.


I played f13 just few hours but it was hell of fun… Even more when you play as canselour lol, that moment when Jason just appear when turn around and grab your neck is scary af


depends on the game. A good old n64 wrestling game is always good for a laugh. And anything with Yoshi always makes me smile

games and the internet can provide a temporary distraction, but they’re not a cure for depression
it took me a while to realize that too

Game alone are probably not enough, but if you are playing a current game and also interact with folk on said game’s forums, that might be a more potent ‘treatment’. Games can be a conduit to people.

I honestly recommend increasing physical activity and spending time in nature.
Whenever I don’t go hunting/hiking/fishing/camping for a while I get really pent up and need to do it again otherwise I’ll just be miserable. Probably more of a country boy thing than outright depression, but damn I hate living in a city for uni.
Lifting daily and going for walks/jogs is also a great way to do that whenever being outdoors isn’t feasible. Plus all the health benefits.

We are animals, and as such hardwired to be in nature and be active both physically and mentally, especially given that we are a very predatory species and the apex species of the planet.

Granted, if you have clinical depression this alone won’t cure it, but it’ll definitely help along with other treatment like therapy, medications, and/or finding a meaningful community to be a part of if you don’t hate everyone or social interaction. Probably would have a better shot at fully mitigating the occasional depressive symptoms or just generally positively increasing your mood.


That’s the obvious one, but I think video gaming can be effective as well. For most games when they launch there’s a type of a community forming with people trying to figure out how to be OP, speed running, tactics, etc. I feel like those interactions can be very helpful if they are properly channeled. Of course there is a chance of toxicity and such. Still, since is such a big medium in society, it would be a shame not to use it towards those ends.

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Yeah, I’d classify it as forming a community, and for a good amount of people isolation is cause of depression so it’s definitely gonna help

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Developers can have a hand in this as well (community building) as in a forum here. Everybody can benefit, lest it turns into an addiction. But even then, interaction with other folks in gaming will open people up to other interactions.

Gaming cannot cure depression, but it can help reduce symptoms and improve mood. Depression is a complex mental health condition that requires professional treatment. However, gaming can be a valuable tool for self-care and coping with depression.

But games can help relieve depression: Games can distract from negative thoughts and feelings. When you focus on the game, you’re less likely to dwell on your problems. Many video games allow you to play with other people online (e.g. EA Sports FC 24, visit NBA2King to learn more). It’s a great way to connect with others and build relationships, which can be helpful if you’re feeling isolated or lonely. Playing video games can evoke positive emotions such as happiness, excitement, and relaxation. These emotions can help improve your mood and reduce stress levels.

It’s important to note that gaming should not replace professional treatment for depression. If you are struggling with depression, it is important to seek help from a qualified mental health professional. However, gaming can be a useful tool for coping with depression and improving overall health.


It may depend on how bad the depression is. If it’s on the lower end, then perhaps games and game interactions can be a definitive treatment. On the bad end, professional help is a must. Besides playing with others, many game genres have a very humane story of trials and tribulations that can be uplifting.

Most of your interactions in player vs player games are going to involve talking shit so we’re moving into an era where communication isn’t even used anymore because no one wants to get banned and lose all their stuff for saying GG EZ.

Only team-based games still promote communication and that’s the likes of League of Legends (lol) or coordinated raids (lol, lmao) which people opt out of because they don’t want to interact with others or engage in a glorified blame-game.

Fighting game players are the weirdest mental health cases of any community, case and point.
Social MMO’s casuals are secondary because its basically tumblr given form. OG theme park MMO’s were essentially an ancient substitite for yahoo chatrooms that gave you something to do.

Video games are a distraction much like watching 5 hours of TV.
If TV had the gambling lootbox mechanisms that games do now.


Touch grass.

Raiding with the gang is some nice dopamine but isn’t a substitute for anything that isn’t sedentary

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I seen a few buddy streams here over they years where it was very civil and lighthearted. Doesn’t have to be toxic all the time. Sometimes people just chill. Plus, you have plenty PVE games as well.

Gaming can of good for mental health, but it definitely should be used in a more supplementary capacity.

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Sometimes, it feels like games and the internet can be an escape from the challenges of life. But it’s true, they’re not a cure for depression, especially when it’s chronic. It’s a tough journey, and I respect your honesty about it. Depression can be a complex beast, and while it may not always go away entirely, it can be managed with the right support and treatment. It’s not something to tackle alone. And if you’re looking for alternatives or more info, you might want to check out https://releaf.cо.uk/medical-cannabis-card. They’ve got insights on various aspects, including medical cannabis cards, which some people find helpful in managing depression.

Can be really hard to tackle things like depression and other mental or psychological conditions.

No matter how easy or simple it can get (or you might think it can), please folks, try to seek professional consultations. It’s hard times and if you don’t have the money and insurance for it, please make sure to reach out to organisations out there of all kinds and from many places that can guide you to proper support.

You can also do things by reaching out to your local health specialist, family doctor or clinic.

Please remember, it starts with your initiative and I am sure you are strong to do this step, regardless of the possible inhibitions or obstacles.

Remember, it’s your health and life on the line and it’s important and needs to be cherished.

Useful link (for the U.S.):


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