I See You — Shredding the Predator

I See You

Here’s a quick match, I played as my favorite Dutch build and we destroyed this Predator!

To be fair, the Predator player had a The Last Of Us 2 avatar so he was already dead🤣…inside at least😈

And this video proves that FT is OP, and Predator needs a buff😉


Predator needs to get good

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I had another awesome match tonight. We had 3 Dutch players on the map, everyone was slaughtered except me. I tried to mis-direct Predator from objective with explosions — but he tracked me down.

He challenged me to a 1v1 knife fight, I fucking killed him! I was a bit scrappy tho, he performed a roar emote and I came in for a heavy knife stab as he roared lol.

nah its just PS4 bucthering other PS4 player, no real skill here


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