I Tried Dead By Daylight

So just got dbd today and honestly its not bad its really fun i think ill be playing that with my friends until the next update comes out i would like to hear everybodys opinion on the game personally i really like it especially with friends i played it with @Durbs2001 and we had a blast it wasnt his first time playing it but he showed me the ropes playing killer is also fun when i play pred i lack self confidence and for some reason my anxiety goes through the roof especially when the match gets heated my hands start to tremble like i have turrets syndrome or some shit i dont like fast paced games in general but dbd is slower paced and it doesn’t really give me anxiety well i hope to read the replys tomorrow because its 1 am

It can get sweaty

Especially when learning new killers

But it is fun chasing them down

Playing as Michael Myers, Leatherface and Freddy Krueger only make things better


I love thehome, been playing for two years now. Not a suspense/horror game but the idea ad playing ad various slaufhterers and monsters, both unique and from someone my favorite slasher and monster flicks is pretty fucking cool. I even have almost all of the DLC killers, a few DLC survivors and every character I own I have either grounded hard or just outright bought outfits for.

The game has come so far since they made it and I support them and can’t wait to see what else they’ll do.

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Dbd is super fun

I still find the game repetitive, it’s core loop anyway. Playing with friends can definitely make it feel more balanced than playing with random’s.

I do love their selection of icons and I actually like their Ghostface better than most of the movie ones, excluding the originals.
Freddy still doesn’t feel powerful enough but at least Quintin’s face got fixed.
Michael is a beast in the right hands.
Leather Face look and feels the part.

Over the next year the game has a good chance of improving overall. Their plans to rework mori’s sounds like it could be fun and I can’t wait to see what the survivors totems do.

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Its fun slapping people playing tag and watching numbers go up until you go against premades broadcasting your location over discord then the whole game breaks down into sweaty tbagging sim where everyone complains in post game chat because you took someone out of the game or didnt walk across the entire map after you hooked someone.

dbd is a casual game and should’ve remained as such. once people started taking an extremely simple 2 button game seriously it got old quick.


If a game could give you aids this would be the one.

Also I find the whole “run around a circle” gameplay really…weird and not very fun. I prefer how chases went in F13, it felt more natural than DBD’s looping.


F13 was 100% better designed and the size of lobbies gave devs a lot more freedom with escape options. no hook farming jungle gym crap gameplay loop but dbd maintains a playerbase by keeping the bloodpoints treadmill kids invested & borrowing IPs like fortnite does.
What hurt F13 a lot was having a 1/13 chance at jason instead of just letting people queue up for him.


Yep, agreed. Plus the objective itself is rather boring. Might as well call it loading bar simulator. It’s funny how the main objective of survivors in that game was only half of F13’s.

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Skillchecks are TERRIBLE design how are you supposed to balance that after they’ve played 100 hours. I hate that all these recent asyim games are just built around people making mistakes rather than actual interactive gameplay.
Even if you made them play dance dance revolution to repair the gen eventually it wouldn’t matter and they’d blow through it.

F13 can just adjust the speed of the getaway car if they want to balance that rather than trying to deal with some outside factor like how fast the player taps the spacebar.

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Wait until you start facing sweaty swfs, thanks god they’re the minority of surv players.
Honestly tho yeah it’s a great game, most of the playerbase, me included, love to insult the game even tho we love it

Give it time you’ll see

The matchmaking doesn’t work

You constantly get paired with SWF at green ranks and lose because if it.

Red ranks just means you were lucky enough to be able to grind enough potatoes, who also manage to get to red ranks.

Still there’s something addicting about it.

But then there’s the community

It’s genuinely the worst community out there.

With cod you expect toxicity (and I’m sorely disappointed in their ability to come up with unique insults) but it just doesn’t compare

With cod you brush it off as trolls

With DBD they genuinely believe they’re right

And they’re constantly trying to police the community like that does anything.

And the stuff they do it over is for NOT GIVING THEM THE WIN

seriously killers have been conditioned to be NICE




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