I use melee through wall

Before I get shit on. The reason I do it is because camping. Like two days ago I went against a full pre-made field medic squad, It was Excavation too. I killed one and they started camping. If you want to more of this match ask I will make it a video. They were for sure a pre-made they all had matching clothes.

Any ways if you camp or have more than two field medics expect the exploits.


I mean considering you can just use splash damage through walls, does it really matter if you decide to melee through walls?

If I get corner campers I poke them them like every 30 seconds just to let them know that that wont work, it’s not safe.

I try to teach them through actions, like how you learn a boss’s pattern in a game.

I do it with the pc blast too.
Il shoot one or two just to show them, hey, what you’re doing isnt safe.

The only one that’s really fucked up, but hilarious, is the fact that you can claim through walls.

Now that needs fixing.

But I find it silly.
Ppl bitch so much anything pred does xD.

You could run around unclaocked only shooting non charged blast, and ppl would still bitch.

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You monster! Why would you do something so unsafe when you can just rain plasma from on high and let the salt flow.

Yeah, but if I start the plasma than they all move away from the walls, I would rather just use the combi so I can quickly claim them to.

I hate using plasma in general.

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How dare you use a broken mechanic against four people abusing multiple broken mechanics. I’m very triggered.


I use melee through wall because its a game mechanic


I also roof slam because playing this reminds me of people complaining about NOED in DBD while survivors used everything meta under the sun.

Melee is trash though

I think its weird in fighting games youre encouraged to do any kind of animation cancelling combos but as soon as you play to win like that in a shooter its frowned upon by the video game honor police.

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Idk I run into quite a bit of ppl that if I dont hold back I’d win way too quickly. Which is boring for me.

I also like to observe people.
I basically run experiments on people when they are mid or lower tier players.

Id like to start playing against more full teams.
Good ones.

Problem is, most just run away on the chopper.
Feild medic and unreasonable damage, on top of beyond easy missions let’s them run away like bitches pretty easily lol.

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I say let them degenerates die

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You exploit. You get reported.

Them’s the breaks!

“But… but… but”

But you’re still an exploiter. No? Tell that to the special individuals my group reported a while ago and who we are no longer encountering in lobbies. Coincidence?

Well. Good luck! That’s all i have left say to you people. You clearly need it.

Lol when you can’t win them, report them.

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Okay explain this. We can all agree the only way for somebody to die is by downing them. When that chance is taken in one second what am I supposed to do politely ask them to leave. Well you can’t do a lot when ever single one of them is carting there med-kits three syringes, and SR. If they don’t have three of everything they are running thick skin. So yeah I will just ask them to politely to leave the building.

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I wouldnt worry too much about him or take him seriously.
Hes a ft main who wants the complete advantage.

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Yeah I assumed so by acting like a honorable player. Which is usually like in all of these type of games (entitled survivor main.)

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It makes me laugh that a FT main is calling “not fair”. 😂😂😂

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Well you know.
If you’re not killing the pred in 1 bullet hes op.

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😅 yup

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