I was Told it gets Exciting here after 2am

Bring the Spiciness.

Where the parties at!


Lol. Do it!

Ur always fashionable late tho so its okay. I forgive you.

Even tho U dislike me and for very very Understandable reason because being a Racial asshat is disgusting and Im still striving to better myself from that day. Ur necromancy is on point

Oh dear, that was held on DG deck.

Apologies from the machine mother.

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The party was in general discussion not in off topic

I know. But my topic is clearly an off topic post and I didn’t want to get banned for no reason

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I now, I’m just messing.

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Fuck the people who voted for extreme moderation

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Okay. There deadeyebuddha

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Those people who know who they are do not know the meaning of fun

God does not love them

It’s different for everyone.

For example, @MassImpact124 put up a thread about new mode idea. I had fun brainstorming about it for a bit; no memes were needed