I watch seinfeld all day

At least it works sometimes instead of playing the first 3 minutes of one episodes and then hangs.

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Did you enjoy it?

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Don’t encourage him, he didn’t watch anything, he’s been in the insane asylum @TheSenate and I built for him, he was just staring at a wall, rambling complete nonsense that entire time


It’s fucking hilarious. At least today he wasn’t screaming. That’s progress, I suppose. Honestly didn’t think someone could take that much of our products and survive, so I’m taking notes and recording audio and video for future reference.


Hey cowboy!

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Right here
eli-wallach: Hang 'Em High (1968) dir. Ted Post


It broke again! damnit! NEWMAN!

its back up !

id you enjoy it?

Did @Fire enjoy it?

I enjoyed the series when I watched it before.