Idea for bots

Sometimes I just have the urge to play this game against bots, if only they would be at least a tiny bit immersive and go for mission objectives instead of honing in on Predator’s position.

How about this, it seems to me that you (IllFonic) already have the bots following whatever player comes in as Alpha.

So how about whenever we go solo custom game as Pred, that the Alpha bot runs mission? Maybe even if we kill Alpha then Bravo steps up to do mission and so on…

I know you guys haven’t been very attentive lately but this would be a nice feature. Sometimes I just want to be the Predator without running into sweaty try-hards online.

No offense to the sweaty try-hards out there and all, I’m just usually more in the mood for a chill, traditional, stalk-my-prey type of experience rather than a straight 4v1 BATTLE right out the damn gates lol.

Anyway yeah… idea: bots should run mission, even if it’s just their leader. That way the Predator can actually HUNT its prey. Shouldn’t be hard right? 🙏🏼


Or go play a better game.


I just wish they would heal automatically after receiving a certain amount of damage

I have been, but I miss this game.

No. Go away

Bro why

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Aw :,(

It would also be nice if the bots would shoot at the marked predator and could go to the point indicated by the player. And there would be no blue color in thermal mode like some inanimate androids.

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Idea for NIGG-

Dude wants to play against bots 😂😂😂

I’m just tired of encountering toxic players man. I haven’t played this game in over 6 months. When I thought about shaking off the rust, I thought, do I really want to run in to a team of sweaties to do that though? It would be nice to just run a chill game vs some semi intelligent bots every once in a while. That’s all.

If you want a very chill game , play public matches
They are easier than bots in 99% of the times

I would love this as an addition to the game!

They’re. Not. Changing. Anything.


WHOOO preach brother!