Idea for new missiones type

Something that I realized is that when a predator player leaves the game the Predator body is still on the map and it was fun and challenging for me try to find his body and then kill him .

And if we have a mission where you would have to find the predator body and steal its technology and take it to the helicopter and at that moment would give the alarm to another predator to kill us

That would be an interesting idea

It would be nice if the pred also had mission, or at least side objects

Exactly ,the pred mission could be remove the traces and evidence of everything that happened, kill the FT, bring the weapons back to the ship

I would like to see missions for Predator as well as ways to obtain more XP and/or V. I also wouldn’t mind missions that are longer for FT’s instead of 5 minute missions tops that can be rushed and then exfil out by the 9 minute mark

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Yeah there are to many quick missions