Idea for predator/predators

I was thinking for a while. What if we as a predator could use our emote wheel to remove and put on our mask. That would be great especially when someone wants to 1v1 a predator. And it would be cool if someone just took off the mask to nerf themselves from using thermal vision and plasma caster. Just an idea though but man that would be cool.

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Everyone and their grandmother suggested this already.

Don’t expect anything from Illfonic.



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I feel those face-palms every time brother🤣🤣🤣🤣



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Sometimes I want to hop on again, then I realize I deserve not to be abused

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They won’t do it due to gameplay mechanics tied to the mask. Yeah removing it for 1-1 but we shouldn’t have to gimp ourselves for that and in custom games you can destroy it or have it not work outright.

The solution to this seems to be the breathers. And otherwise the only other solution would be for the implementation of new perks which could risk being fairly broken.

Being it’s tied to target isolation, thermal, sound tracking, and the plasmacaster, you’d need a solid plan to address that. It’d also affect facial animations due to how masks work. So it might look fine on other Predators to have a no mask option, but the supers and Wolf would absolutely break for everyone to see.

How do you people not understand that illfonic is done with this game?

Then why tf did they release 3 new predators recently?

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DLC and bug support is still being done, not very well, but still being done. They otherwise don’t interact with us here due to the volatile nature of the forum. But yeah, Illfonic is still going.