Ideas for characters that would fit in PHG lore.

Adam Baldwin’s character from Predator 2?

Shane Black lol

No lightsaber?

We all do


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We got NFL player out of the blue, so anything goes I guess.

Thus, I want Britney Spears, so everytime I put a sniper bullet in green aliens ass in mid air I wanna hear “It’s Britney bitch!” line.

@IllFonic make it happen!

Hahaha… no

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That list is amazing I don’t see the problem.

It should be post-life-crisis britney spears too with the original as a reskin.

They could do two DLC’s.

Original Britney, pop princess edition and mental breakdown Britney with shaved head.

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I would like another support type class. 4 in HP, 1 in stamina, 3 in speed, 4 in gear, allow deadly and 7 perk points. :)
Also keep the size of the character a bit smaller, like assault. Now what character should be, no idea, not big in predator lore.




Somebody posted some type of game character from another game with cannibals (The Forrest?). I think this could use at least some kind of cultist tribe of natives that are idolizing the predator species and helping the yautja defend it’s ship or something. Or maybe a secret organization of cultists arre using yautja blood and becoming crazy.
Crazy looking cannibals, yes!

Imagine………Dutch & Rambo hunting the Predator………

Rambo - black ops specialist - quote “I have always believed the mind is the best weapon”
Hi primary weapon could be a compound bow with optional explosive arrow heads.

And of course voiced by Sly himself!!!

Don’t say Alien, don’t say alien, don’t say alien… umm Adrien Brody?

That game is fun as fuck

What type of character would Rambo be? I feel like he would be similar to Dutch 87.

Similar but not the same…

Rambo, although tough as nails, as a former green beret he would prefer to focus on stealth and training. He is also crossed trained as a Medic.
A combination between Recon & Assault. Perhaps the same stamina as Support, but his specilizations would be more Scout / Recon. Not Spotter or Duelist - this would overpower the character.
Rambo usually hunts alone, so he is not a Leader or Overseer like Dutch. That said, in Vietnam he was part of team, and as the Predator is such a huge and unique threat, he would once again work with a team.
The character could also be restricted on weapon choices. Rambo’s true strength is with knives and bows. Not grenade or rocket launchers.

What? No way.

Okay. That could be interesting.

I disagree. Spotter is exactly what he should have.

The game mechanics and historical references already exist for bows.
There would be many indigenous worldwide whom would have fought predators with only bows, knives, axes and clubs.

Rambo’s heritage is American Indian and German. It is possible his ancestors could have fought and defeated predators.