If you are still listening to feedback...

Yo Illfonic so I heard you coming back, but the last patch left something to be desired. Some good changes here and there like I appreciate the Predator speed on the trees and the stamina/ammo nerf to keep Fireteam a bit more grounded. But it still doesn’t address the major changes the community kept calling for. Some from the top of my head:

Please balance the Fireteam weapons, namely the 1011 and the SAWZ. Like it’s funny how the Plasma Pistol is seen as too op and was nerfed back to the patch before the last two but somehow the 1011 remains to be strong enough to kill a Pred in two clips? It’s insane that a pistol can overpower a Predator more than a shotgun, much less outperform an alien pistol.

New Predator long range weapons and gear please; the meta has been the same for years now, trap mines and the Speargun please, we saw something like in Prey. It would be nice to have more variation instead of another melee weapon. Hell the shield would be nice to have too.

Fireteam EMP mines need a radius increase as it stands I have not seen anyone use them for anything at all due to how it needs a Pred to step on it exactly and since its so big, its too easy to avoid so it’s just there to be not useful.

Reckless and Fanatic(?) still is exploitable and Dante can still run Field Medic. Mine does so its best to patch that up.

So yeah I wanna say more like gltiches but I feel exhausted at this point since other stuff is happening. I really do hope you mean what you say about coming back, as I really do wanna love the game again.


I have been waiting for the FT tutorial for years. Too many kids empty their ammo boxes.

I can imagine a shield as a melee weapon, but I can’t imagine how it would work as a shield. FTs would just shoot at the mask or legs, and you can’t do anything else except stand or move. Except use it as a defense while shooting a plasma caster, pistol, or aiming a spear. And on the alternate attack, instead of wrist blades, you would hit with the shield.

It’s not something to heavily rely on but something to use in a clutch like to protect the last 20% of health as you inch closer to better cover, in a defensive or offensive maneuver. Also I have no idea about hitboxes on Predator legs, I’m used to shooting chest and head area, which the shield would be mostly covering. I’d say it’d be a bit more difficult in hitting legs due to being a more narrower target in constant motion compared to the chest and head area.

A shield bash would be nice to stun any melee Fireteam or Fireteam trying to box you into a room.