Illfonic can predkour and fireteam movement please be further improved

Since day 1 of this games release, the predkour always felt stiff and straightforward, I find myself bumping into obstacles constantly as I run, jump, and leap. Alot of times when I try leaping out of an area, I do a whole vertical leap by hitting a rock or tree root!!! As well as bumb my head on a branch midair ruining the traversal flow. Please add more to the mechanic to where it feels more fluid and flexible, new movement such as; swinging, vaulting, and controlled climbing. Speeding up the leap was a welcoming change but these suggestions would seriously help. As far as fireteam goes adding a vaulting system is all I can think about and further slowing their speed when they’re low on health cuz it doesn’t feel much of a difference. Thank you @Courier @IllFonic

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I’d suggest making Ascender a basekit perk. Then rework the current one for something else (faster leap animation would be great) or nerf it to do about 5% instead of 50%
That imo would help tremendously