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@IllFonic & @Kassinaillia HERE ME OUT!

Okay anyone who’s a NECA or a Predator Figure collector where losing their shit when this image came up:

Now! Everyone here in the PHG’s forum and anyone who was around for the release for the Alpha Predator know your connections with NECA, whether it be a temporary thing or a functioning partnership. I have to say I would not mind seeing the Cybernetic Bad Bloods from Predator: Concrete Jungle come to the game. Now before anyone shoots this down, we have to take into consideration of the timelines of the two timelines and story.

So CJ (Concrete Jungle) takes place exactly 5 years from Predator Hunting Grounds time line, in that time we wouldn’t exactly have Scarface:
HOWEVER! We would have the 3 brainwashed Predator’s from Hunter Borgia’s science facility in Borgia Industries. In this time it would take time for the Predator’s to be properly brainwashed, then there would be the testing and battle testing of said brainwashed warriors who belonged to the Dark Blade Clan where Scarface is from.

Now I know this would be weird since people would be wondering about the futuristic of Neon City to the Primal Jungles of South America. I’d like to possibly pose a idea that Neon City (which is like a stand in for New York City in America) might be the only place with the future technology thanks to the tech SCARFACE LEFT BEHIND! This would leave the rest of the world stuck behind trying to catch up, which I think what would have happened in AVP:R with the tech Wolf left behind. What I’m trying to say is that these two games aren’t far apart and would be easy to add such characters in the game even though they aren’t as famous as the movie properties.

So coming back to how these classes would play out, Stone Heart here is possibly the easiest being that if a walking tank, the definition of a bullet sponge for those who played the game. Movement speed would be slow but his melee damage far exceeds others, gear practically nonexistent. Specifications could be Brute - Savage - or Enraged.

Here we have Long Spear, pretty much is the sniper or long ranged member of the 3. This could be our first ever Ranged class with him being a mix of the Hunter & Elder, with more damaged towards ranged weapons of any kind but melee is lower then other classes. Movement speed is that of a regular Hunter, Gear is that of regular as well, but Energy should be more then mostlike Mr. Black who seems to have more then every other class. Specialization could be Discipline - Focus - and Stalker

Last but not least and by far in need of a redemption Swift Knife, he’s fast and furious but by far easier to kill then the other bosses of CJ. I can see this one being a mix of Exiled or Scout with Movement speed being faster then any Class, Adrinaline is too tier, however for Gear & Energy would be so low you almost have to rely on your hit and run speed with unlimited adrenaline.

((Now I’m not saying this is how it should be, all I’m saying is that this could be a awesome opportunity to have characters outside of the movie franchise and why not the best of the best of the hidden gem of the Predator Community))


Here chief, wait for this instead

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Would love for them to continue to partner with NECA and deliver iconic Predators in both toy form and in the game.

Unfortunately I think with the way Alpha was handled, there won’t be future partnerships :(

Was realllllllly botched.


Partially removes a few armor pieces, doesn’t include is signature spear, removes several parts that would attach to his wrist blades to make room for a caster, proceeds to add caster onto a casterless pred

Yeah, explains why the Supers look rushed and botched


How so

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Delete the lowpoly screenshots. totally threw me off.

Well, there was a plan involving the Alpha figure and PHG.

It got leaked (skin in the game) which basically revealed the design before the actual figure was released. (Dlc codes in boxes of the figure).

The leak basically rendered the business plan and marketing useless.

Not to mention at the time of said leak, it was THE most exclusive (higher than preorders) skin you could get since not every box had the dlc code.

Sort of a mess : /

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I couldn’t tell you how scared I was when ordering the Predator was I scared it wasn’t gonna come with a code. Like I heard certain business weren’t doing it, so I shoot my shot and bought one regardless and was one of the lucky few to get the code. However if it wasn’t for this figure I wouldn’t be the collect I am so there kinda was some good out of a bad thing lol

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Lol which one?

I honestly would have loved to see how the Alpha would have played like without a Plasma Caster back where our weapons where so limited compared to now

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Would’ve been nice if they made him true to his lore. But no, they just slapped a caster on him and gave us his Sickle. Bummed me out

I just want my PHG Neca samurai Predator, Big Red doesn’t really fully count as one

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Ok, so, FT is still going to be able to waste it in less than three seconds. Nice idea, but please stop asking for lore Preds as long as the FT isn’t properly balanced.

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Why’s that?

Why’s what?

I don’t know lol
I think I was half asleep during that🤦🏻‍♂️

gonna have to disagree with this one
do you have any idea how livid i would be if we got these 3 jobber preds over potentially a fan favorite in scarface?
plus they don’t care too much about timeline canon considering we have preds like City hunter

i don’t want these 3 jobber predators who lost to random cyborgs i want Scarface

considering the lifespan of the game/ the dev time illfonic is going through (we konw they are currently working on a new ghostbusters project)
this game probably only has 1 year left of content planned you better believe i would be mad as fuck if we got these three goobers over scarface


Something that would be a super wicked partnership

Custom build preds from this game from NECA.

Like a design your own pred sort of thing, obviously would cost $$$


I mean we could add Scarface with the Predator pack with the Cyborg Preds, however it wouldn’t make sense for someone who hasn’t been to Earth in a long time to come in at 2025 Bc he’s still in exile. However you make a good point and I guess there could be a work around it

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