illfonic PLEASE READ & Hopefully imply

Only if they are detachable and throwable. James Cameron will begin the research.

Yes!! Can’t believe I never thought of that! You Genius Bastard! James you son of a bitch!! Lmaooooo. All jokes aside though…I’d absomurly love that. But…it’d probably be easier to just add a female option for all classes.

Easier yes. But you’d still have the issue doing sex changes on established characters. It’s one step away from female Dutch.

Just release jungle huntress and city huntress. Dunno what you’d call the female elder. Grandma?

Elder is a multi sexual term so it could just stay Elder. Or just change it to Matriarch…which does sound cooler. Jungle Huntress is aight I guess and regarding City, since there clan is dubbed the Lost clan, Lost huntress would probably be a better name.

But I just think it would be s bit fucked to give us female versions of DLC we already have when they can just give us female versions with each DLC, simply man option and woman option.

And I can’t say anything about the female Dutch. As cool and much of a badass a female Dutch would be, I play the game for the Hunters.

James Cameron was kidding about the elder grandma thing.

Imo it would be best to just release some badass female preds with their own back story etc. At least there are some female options available. A lot of games don’t give the players any choice.


Yeah, but if you buy the A-Team van and paint it blue and put a cockroach decal on it, it ain’t the A-Team van anymore.

“Some customization”

Yeah it is though. It’s the same van. Remove the wheels, add a propeller and it’s not the same van, it’s a boat.

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So I tried using rushdown and I gotta admit it’s fun. I’m using the hammerhead with the double pump shotgun. I have gearhead, double time, and flesh ripper on it. AI are a joke and the speed boost is the same as a recon on water however it sucks that it only last like 3-4 seconds and doesn’t stack with multiple AI kills.

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Like I said it’s enough to pop one, then blitz to the alarm on the other side of the train yard and catch the AI triggering an alarm.

It’s effectiveness is minimal but the fun factor is there!

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Fought a JH yesterday that came up behind me with a combistick right after I killed two AI. After the first swing I just ran circles around him lighting him up before the rest of my squad came. This specialization works wonders with the passives so long as you keep moving.

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Did it to a Viking the day of the update…poor soul

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  1. Being able to change your FT loadout once dead in hunt mode if reinforcements happens (when activated change loadout pops up)
  2. Being able to turn off or only have a max 5 hit for the notification of reinforcements (Very annoying to most of us) Please!
  3. Whenever the Predator Mask is shot off but still lives and FT has option if one person can find mask on ground (like optional) picks it up and then grabs the ropes to escape that person should get a bonus maybe 1,000 VP but something decent for the find and getting out alive with it.
    @IllFonic please ignore the comments that are not positive towards or about you and your game i am a huge fan and hoping for more positive feedback and Love the Curveballs always.

Its not the A-Team van. Its still a van, but its not that van. The iconic van is not that.

But going by your logic, making Jungle Hunter female is just a paint job, really. Its still a predator, just with a new paint job. Its not like you’re replacing the skin with an exoskeleton and giving it a tail.

I agree with James Cameron.


Shit. I’d play robo tail pred any day.

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I’m just trying to figure out how people are die hard defending this bandicam 2020-10-27 21-46-00-319 910×474 94 KB ( But boobs are too much.

No I’m not troubled about boobs
Boobs have nothing to do with this
James Cameron’s post just makes more sense

That is a lot of pink

You know I said imply female AI as in PNC soldiers and everybody is complaining about predators…? I’m fine with where we are at in the game already with male and female fireteam and Predator classes would like to see a little bit more customization for both but City Hunter fine as male Elder same Samurai and Viking same I’m just talkin about AI snipers or Scout PNC soldiers to have the option of being male or female at random when spawning into the map of the game

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@Courier or @OldKingHamlet Please when you have the given moment to read what i have suggested would absolutely love just some kind of notification of awareness if possible