illfonic PLEASE READ & Hopefully imply

  1. I am asking for you to have female AI characters. We have female predator and female fire team, plus female AI you can make the sniper or Scout Soldier.

  2. where is level 150 showcase item or shade for fire team? I get it you get Elder, gold shade, tons of cool things but where is something to show off for level 150 on the fireteam side in gameplay?

  3. To help with both sides predator and fireteam you should make the reinforcements radio at all spawn locations and then once the timer has counted down past activation only then it lights up for the fire team member and then once activated shows for The Predator this way it helps still preventing the reinforcements being trapped heavily while also stopping one fire team member from camping or sitting at 1 radio for 90 seconds.

  4. there should be a way to prevent a fireteam having 4 field Medics on the field at the same time. Stating This Because it is Unfair for those Still New or Just Buying Predator Hunting Grounds.

  5. Predator specialization with 2 possible for each Predator Class almost the way you did Fireteam’s specialization classes, But imply say Scout Predator could eat pig faster or Half Medic implied to slightly heal faster. Elder because being Level 150 unlock make his 2 a little better than the rest either by giving him half fearless implied or light bender implied specialisation. But i am only giving a best thought and hope you or if not are already in the works for near future of something mentioned above.

  6. i will state that i have bought all DLC so far and will continue to. i absolutely love and enjoy the game you have made and play it on daily basis. i have faith in illfonic to keep up the great work with bug patches, updates, and Curveballs thrown our way. i_R_Old_Gregg is my PSN @IllFonic Please Reply if or when you can with at least some awareness to when this Great Fan Base Community can expect just a bug patch update.


Finally a reasonable gender based request. Re-skinning some AI to make them female is a far better suggestion than cutting Jungle Hunter’s balls off and giving him some bangin pred titty implants.


1: The last time Strgazer allowed a women do be more than a secretary, She ended up letting a Pred get away and kill all her male colleagues and then joined up with a bunch of crazy army dudes killed more of her colleagues and then got hunted by a pred looking for autism.


Objection! She was an outside consultant and not Stargazer personnel!

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  1. Uh…okay…this is reasonable.

  2. Originally the “Elite” outfits that unlocked at Level 100 were these. You are right how that we should have some more variety. New 3rd option class outfits for new level cap sounds nice.

  3. This is…not terrible. But won’t prevent that FT camp out, it’ll just make it worse. The current method I think is fine however. Not against but don’t see it necessary.

  4. Whole thing needs a rework as far as specializations. Personally am of the mind you shouldn’t be able to stack any (1 Deadly, 1 Field medic, etc.)

  5. Yep, mentioned numerous times. There’s a whole thread in Feedback about it as well as a bunch of other threads here.

  6. Keep that excitement and enthusiasm, but don’t hold your breath. Illfonic isn’t the greatest with communication with the community. I personally think this has more to do with Sony than them however.

Still once a women was brought in she fucked up the entire process. Its all her fault.

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They were a government run operation. That means failure was guaranteed at that point

Poorly strapping an alien with super strength to a table also contributed to everything going to shit. Also having the worst security in history didn’t help at all.

No PreDDators?

Hahahaha that’s a good point

I’d agree with you if they didn’t give us the ability to change skin patterns and shaders. Since I can make Jungle Hunter any colour under the rainbow, the class is no longer jungle hunter. Its more akin to a predator from Jungle Hunter’s clan. So unless you are saying there are no females in Jungle Hunter’s clan, in which case its a dead clan, why not be able to change body type?

No to number 3.
Especially since you can destroy bear traps.

Number 4 is broken no matter if new or experienced pred.
Field medic seriously needs to go ftom the game and a few other specializations need to be nerfed.

  1. I feel pred should have more damage based/ active specializations instead of passive.
    Such as added effects to the plasma blast, like a fire effect.

Stuff like that.


For fuck sake leave JH alone you can change the samurai I couldn’t give a shit but the jungle hunter is a sacred creature

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Field medic as it currently stands is broken as hell what with the less than a second revive, revive health to 80% of their overall health and stackable 20% damage reduction to everyone all on top of being the tankiest class. The only way to fix this imo is to put it on the Scout class and reduce the damage reduction to 10%. I think this change would make the scout class actually viable and make field medic much more tolerable being that it’s on the squishiest class and they’re very limited with their healing.


So you admit the Scout class sucks?




Lol i admit to nothing. The Scout doesn’t suck it’s just not broken like the other classes cough cough…recon… damn that Rona is really in full effect today.

If anything the scout is just there to be outperformed by all the other classes, you want speed go recon amphibious, you want damage go assault deadly, you want to revive the team go support field medic.


Yur face sucks


This Jungle Hunter? bandicam 2020-11-07 17-12-41-412 834Ă—473 71.5 KB (
This sacred creature? bandicam 2020-11-10 21-20-33-138 931Ă—557 131 KB (
I remember seeing this guy in the movie. bandicam 2020-10-29 20-18-41-220 936Ă—490 104 KB (
Yeah, don’t make Jungle Hunter female, just to this to him. bandicam 2020-10-29 20-18-20-867 941×483 79.2 KB (
Because this is the only way Jungle Hunter should look. bandicam 2020-10-27 21-46-00-319 910Ă—474 94 KB (
And I demand he stays male because there is no way this guy should be female. bandicam 2020-10-24 08-36-03-465 843Ă—483 90.1 KB (
No one should ever change him. bandicam 2020-11-13 20-27-32-593 1023Ă—534 108 KB (
Because this skin colour was the exact one from the movie. 20201129_095226 3840Ă—2160 685 KB (
No way this is anything but the sacred Jungle Hunter. PS_Messages_20201002_120318 1920Ă—1080 951 KB (
Did I make my point, or should I continue? image 750Ă—417 238 KB (


Scouty go zoom zoom!

Actually it’s funny if you look at the specializations Scout has the most unique set ups…almost ENTIRELY DEVOTED to AI clearing and compound blitzing (Liberator, Scavenger, Rushdown)…it’s kinda sad really.