Illfonic Reponds to a tweet by AVPGalaxy about Gary Busey's role in Predator and Predator2

I found this tweet:
During an interview Gary Busey cryptically explained that “I set up the last mission [Predator], which was the CIA commission in the jungle. And that’s how we lost the character that Arnold played. We lost him nine weeks after the movie was over. That’s why he’s not here.”

–interesting how this stuff surfaces all of a sudden. :P

I thought Illfonic’s response justified and a little familiar.

Then i found Gary Busy going on about quantum mechanics in 1990s…what was i doing? He was into his shit more than people were into Star Trek!

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Gary Busey is great! He was friends with Hunter S Thompson and there is some good footage of them together as well. Did anyone see the movie Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas?

That would be so cool if he was put into this game.

I had a dream he would be the next dlc. It would kind of make sense with his kid and all in it too. and he did VO for the VR game.

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One of the greatest method actors of our time, rumour has it he actually got a job with nasa’s space program in prep for the role and put in hours at area 51 plus done a tour of the moon. You don’t get them like busey anymore