I'm back on the hunt.

So, I’ve been taking a break for a few months from this game, only occasionally playing with friends and I’ve been meaning to get back on to test the update. I have to say, really good job from @IllFonic, I’m really enjoying playing as pred and shaking the rust off. I just played my first 2 games as Valk, and I actually love this update. Hammer tracking could use a buff and feels like a slight clone of the axe (but with lower damage and higher swing speed), but other than that I really like it. I’ll upload those 2 and ideally a third match today.


Yeah i took a decent break too and feel much better for it. I’ve even started experimenting with builds again (hip fire assault class is super fun!).
I like the update too in terms of balancing, just not so much in terms of content.

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You can also get higher chance of getting golden light trophies I got these thanks be to God

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Nice, I even made a gif inspired by one of yours from one of my most recent games. Unfortunately, it ran a little too short for me to make into a video, but it’s perfect for a gif like this:




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My 3d card breaks when they finally fix the trophies! WTF

I’m spending my time playing more dignified games.


Rest in peace, may you find another 3d card.

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It’s an excellent excuse to buy a brand new one lol.

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