I'm Tired of Playing Slot-Machines!.

@IllFonic; @Courier; @OldKingHamlet;

I’m tired of these Field Lockers that look like Slot-Machines!.
Illfonic, with Veritanium, we can only unlock Items for custumization.
Why limit Veritanium Earnings?.
Get Rid of those Useless Field Lockers right away and let us win more Veritanium to launch the customization we want for our Predators and Soldiers!.
It has Been over 1 Year since the Game was launched.
And I haven’t unlocked 1 Mythical Trophy for Predators yet!.
Because They Are All Locked In These Damn Field Lockers!.
We currently have 2 Weekly Challenges and 1 Daily Challenge to Win Veritanium.
We don’t need Weekly Challenges !.
Weekly Challenges can sometimes be Completed in 1 Day!.
Then we have to wait for the Week finished to Unlock a New Challenge!.
In each Daily Challenge, we could Win maybe 20,000 Veritanium.
In total, we would have 60,000 Veritanium in one day.
In the Week, we could have 420,000 Veritanium!.
The Mythical Items are for Personalization only.
What is the Reason for making them so Difficult to be Unlocked!?.
Today we have to do a lot of Matches to collect Veritanium.
And making Matches just to collect Veritanium, is Very Annoying!.
So far I have not been able to test Personalization Combinations on my Soldiers and on my Predators, as the Items are All Blocked!.
Take the Field Lockers Out of the Game.
And Increasing the Veritanium Gain on Daily Challenges.
We no longer need Weekly Challenges!.
Only Daily Challenges!.

And I’m opening more rn lol

These kinds of threads are always the same.

Stop thinking about it and you’ll get one lol.