Imagine Starting a fire over a babies Gender

Lol, The family that Started the El Dorado fire is going to be facing a Federal Judge later this month, they are looking at a Billion dollar fine and prison time.

Why in the world would you use a pyrotechnic to reveal the gender for a baby when you live in the part if the country that has wildfires every year or even 6 months. That just seems like the ppl (not all) living out there are as dumb as you can get. This poor baby is going to be born in a federal prison and ripped from her mother and put into foster care day one of life. I hope this family understands what is about to happen to them. They are truly fucked

People dont think anymore. Everyone is too relaxed and not giving a fuck about anything.

Its good to be chill, but when it comes to shit like that you have to really identify the risk and consider if its worth it or not.

People are too fucking selfish as well.

I don’t get why these gender reveal parties are even a thing.
Who the fuck cares?
Just have a fucking baby shower.

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I know. Like that me living in lets say Nevada or Arizona and setting up a 17 stage fountain and having it use 1000 gallons of water a second to reveal my babies gender then wondering why the state has no more water

That shit right there pisses me off.
I fucking hate selfishness more that anything.

Hey man, add me to the PlayStation i have the same name as here i dont remember your PS name…you are predator main? Btw Dutch 1987 is not my main class i choose him for fun but you played very well and to be fair you won without your mask so respect and gg twice!

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Ya gg man. No I’m not a pred main anymore, I’m a hybrid I play a lot of ft lol.

OK man see you in Hunt!

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Why even have a baby shower… jeez…

Literally so many babies get born daily that to me it logically makes no sense to have a party or anything… its a baby… u can have millions of babies lmfao

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Baby showers are a way for ppl to support you and its really ment for giving normal gifts like baby books and maybe a scrapbook. Now a days the ppl have made it all about themselves and not the baby. My gf was invited to a baby shower little over a month ago. We looked into the registry and they were asking for appliances and things to make their life easy. So she declined and stop being friends with the greedy lady

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There you go… your gf is a keeper… i think all of that is BS and useless… stats tell it all…

They better not come on these forums because I will ban them!


Thats it ima have. Predator gender reveal. I will rip the skull off a random guest and spell out the gender in their blood