Immortal Bug

sometimes you don’t load into quick match properly either as predator or fire team and you dont spawn with you weapons and your model is broke as predator you just a white figure and as fire team your invisible and your also immortal and cant die no matter what and you can revive people so it makes the game really unfair

It’s called a crappy connection, it’s always the players with the worst ping who experience this, it’s been in the game for a while now.

still makes the game really unfair

No that’s not the only cause, I’ve gotten it like twice and I got good internet lol.
As matter of fact I dont think that’s the cause at all.

Shit breaks randomly in this game.

Captain obvious over here ☝🏻 😄

Tell it to ol home boy who thinks it’s bad connection lol.
You bish.

You mudda fucka yu

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Someone posted that one definite cause is if someone joins the lobby late , their loadout doesn’t have time to sync and you get this issue

Its easy to fix.
If you’re in a lobby and your loadout is empty, change it and you won’t get this bug.
I get this like every other match.