In memory of Tommy the Power Ranger

Well I was going to buy comics of him but saw that They literally made him a villain like Thanos, trying to conquer the power rangers multiverse in shattered grid…and I thought DC trying to ruin Batman or have him killed was bad!

Not only that he died before his movie comes out

Fuck off poser

Fuck you your the real poser

And what would I be posing as exactly?

A crusader who doesn’t even go on crusades and pose as a fan and defend the liberals agendas

Your fucking calling me out on a meme?

I’m sorry was i actually supposedly to go raid people and fucking butcher innocents?

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Oh shit! We’re losing some childhood heros lately 😞

Didn’t know heretics were innocent

The divorce killed him


I know he killed himself…when your gay you’re gay

RIP to the Original Green Ranger!

Nobody’s innocent, dumb fuck, least of all christians. The shit you guys do puts me to shame. Almost.