incentive for FT

how about boosting exp boost to 100% when the queues from pred start getting really high and/or 25% increase on veritanium

No, you can literally get tons xp by playing the game and securing Pred bodies and in a day reach 20 levels…if you find a good squad of FT

true story but this post is more about incentivizing playing FT to help stop pred queues from jumping from five minutes to 20 minutes . doesnt even need to be all the time. Making that extra incentive show up when pred queues get horrendous would be fine

Who even cares for exp let alone the game

Q times are high because potatoes (noobs) wanna play Pred but it’s this games fault and the devs who neglected the community by not making better content, this game is dead

people who aren’t at 300+

If you aren’t at 300+ why would you play?


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