Incoming cheating comments

So what do guys think about this?

What will happen when people without disabilities start to take advantage of equipment/software designed to help those with disabilities?

I’m not entirely sure how its integrated and how both people with disabilities and people without use it.
I mean it looks like an add-on kit, but there is no such thing as swapple parts for the controller that I’ve seen, so some how its still in development but those extra bits of controls will be on an actual controller.
It won’t be your usualy CROSS (UpdownLeftRight) and the 4 buttons on the right with 4 triggers, its going to be these joystick looking things and a radial style button combination.From the looks of it, its larger than the conventional gamepad.

I think it will play out like as if you have a Number pad on both sides of your controller. It would have to be keyboard sized. like…
imagine using your keyboard but you have 2 mini joysticks on your right thumb underneath spacebar and your left thumb too.

I honestly can’t say if there is a controller out there for the PC that does just that.

This shit is what console ppl need:

except it needs to be compatible. Not sure if this is.

Console gaming will be easier on our fingers. Honestly, the only thing that gives significant advantages on Console are preprogrammed inputs and recoil mitigation through through third party connections like the Cronus zen.
Developers are already looking into detection of programmed inputs to ban people using Cronus zen and similar products, so I think the future of console gaming will remain fair if not even more so.

As far as ergonomics, I’ve been using lever backs for about 3 months and I don’t think would ever go back to a normal Controller.

Eventually, I will get the Edge controller, but these should be the standard controller, not an upgrade.

You’re walking on a thin ice now.
Better be careful, because, next thing you know, somebody might call a witch hunt upon you on this dreaded forum.

If this controller comes with ps5 ok i get it. But if you really want to spend extra bills on something that is worthless to a regular game that is not even a PC keyboard game then what is the point? Fabulous, so it can change your buttons to another configuration. Like how is that suppose to help you in an FPS?

The player base needs a mouse goddamn it. Sony just make them a goddamn usb mouse!
Its been 20 years of no progress over there at sony.