Increase in playerbase.

Tell me if you agree,

I think that it sucks how the player base has increased. I mean, It’s great the game is getting more attention it should. BUT…

for the fireteam at least, it’s like I’m playing with 3 year olds. They don’t pick you up, they don’t go to get reinforcements, or get to the chopper. Let me know if you think I’m just complaining.
It also effects the predators. It feels like no challenge. You just melt them. At least before the predators played smart. Now, the new guys treat them like tanks.


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Why I only play SWBF and Aliens lol. Where they are somewhat team based but you can still carry to victory solo. Cue me doing hero showdown.

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Star wars battlefront 1 and 2 are like my favorite games. I want to get aliens fireteam though. I agree with the fact you can still win solo in those games (One of the many reasons i love them so much).

Growing of the player base is a good thing

Tell them to buy DLC

The predator pack is only $10 on PSN right now

It has every Pred dlc minus Cleopatra

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Most of the fireteam I’ve seen listen if you tell them sternly. They are like kids now that I say it 😅

Predators are really weak but I hope us melting them teaches them some lessons.

like i said, 3 yr olds :). Thanks for the tip.

I know it’s easy to get mad over inexperienced FT but maybe try to help them out


Good point.


I even had to instruct some FT how to get out of traps… As predator…



2 people, one figured it out when I told him but I yelled at the other for two minutes straight and he could only look around and fire his LMG… had to down him to release


Everyone cried that a ranked queue would ruin queue times, but, now that we have so many new players, i think it’s the perfect time to introduce it.

I still think it’s pointless

But I’m a jar of fuckin Mayo

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I have been farming experience with my alt-system account, but ya it’s loosing it’s novelty. They need to start Getting Gud

last night I played as the predator, and it feels like no challenge. I mean, it was fun at first, destroying the new guys who had no idea what was happening, but now, I’ll fight only 2 experienced players at BEST. I might as well run around killing bots at a camp.

Yep. Illfonic really needs to add a separate queue for premades/experienced fireteams and experienced predators to find each other.

There is and its called just doing privates. But sometimes people just wanna slice potatos instead.

Yo I agree with u but as Pred, noob fireteams=free xp and mic rage