Infinite "Canceling" Loop

It’s back. :(

Try to look for a game in a lobby with an EPIC GAMES player.

Game goes into infinite “connecting” loop, upon canceling, it puts us into an infinite “canceling” loop. Even kicking my friend out of the game after a “coordinating” prompt.

Even leaving the lobby to no longer be hosting said lobby, the “canceling” still is there and will not allow me to play another game. Forced to close out entire game and restart.

Ps4 pro.

Please help.

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Let’s play some resurgence

That happens since many patches ago. But i figured out when and how to avoid.
It happens when you have a party created and someone leaves. You have to close the party and create a new one and invite the remaining members and then you can search for quick match.

I have to close full game out before inviting ppl again.

Don’t think there is a fix for that.

If you enter the loop, yeah, you have to close and open the game again.
But to avoid that, juat xlose the party and reinvite the players before searching for quick match.

I have no way to stop this or knowing it will occur.

The canceling loop occurs, then members of my lobby start to leave.

I can’t prevent it on my end.

Did you hear what i wrote?
Close the party and create a new one BEFORE serching for quick play.

Each and every single time after a game?

That sounds quite exhausting if you ask me.

Jesus fuching Christ!

I know right?!

You seem to misunderstoud what i wrote.
After someone leaves ypur party, you have to close it and reopen a new one with your remaining mates, BEFORE searching for Quick Play.
You have to do this just ONCE, not before every single game. Unless someone leaves again, then you have to repeat rhe procedure.

So back to my point… you keep on bring up “if people leave your party”.

What if I’m only playing with 1 person and they do not leave the party? They are still in my lobby with the infinite connecting/cancel loop.

I think you’re trying to drive home your point here, I can see that, but what you have typed to me ISNT what I’m experiencing.

People don’t leave my party, I play with one other dude, we get the infinite connecting loop, then I cancel the loop, it THEN puts us BOTH (see, no one has left right?), into the now CANCEL LOOP.

If I quit the lobby that is infinite CANCELING, it keeps that on my screen even if I leave a made lobby and I have to close out the entire game.

Thanks for trying to fix this, but I don’t believe you understand the extent of the bug I’m experiencing.

Happy Hunting!

Ok. In that case, i think i can’t help you beside saying that you should check if you have your PSN ports correctly forwarded in your router…

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On wifi unfortunately :(

Even on wifi, ypur router uses the ports. I’m not talkning about the ethernet physical ports, but the redirectioing the internet inf to the correct IP.

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