Input jittering/lag

I have an issue with my mouse only in this game. When I aim plasma or bow/pistol my input will double up or jitter causing me to miss opportunities or even shots. Has anyone ever run into this or have a fix for it? It only seems to be in this game alone.

Turn off mouse smoothing and make sure your mouse is raw input in whatever software you’re using, and play in full screen mode.

I do know my mouse smoothing is always off but what about raw input in the software? I’m confused by that? I use a Logitech with the logitechGhub software and I don’t see anything about raw input on there.

Now it seems full screen also makes my game look worse even on the same res

Change your windows system font size to default 100%. Turning it up past this ALWAYS causes mouse to leave the game or other such nonsenese. It is the same for other games as well.

My setting was 100 percent by default.

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RAW input is supported by games themselves, not by peripheral manufacturer software.

Basically RAW input means it will read the input from the peripheral directly instead of windows, bypassing any DPI/Button re-assigments, etc.

This game does not support switching to RAW input

Play in Borderless Windowed Mode, ALWAYS. Exclusive Fullscreen will give you a few more FPS at the expense of fucking shit up every time you try to switch to another window (Discord, etc), specially if you have set the game to a different resolution than your desktop.

Try windowed mode and resize the window to 1/4 of your screen and watch how your FPS go up and down like crazy during a match even on a small rendering resolution. That’s how you know how fucked up and badly optimized this game is.

Did u fix it??? :/


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