Insane sound issue

Crazy sound then audio gone. Then crazy sounds comes back. Then audio gone again. Etc etc. PS5. This is unplayable and is beginning to happen very frequently. Please watch whole video @Kassinaillia


This happened to me too except it never cutoff and didn’t have the alien noises. For me it was mainly gunshots and a very load crackling sound. I’m sure they’ll get to it after the original audio bug though.

I have the same bug since I started on PS5, except that the sound does not stop, it lasts about 1m30, it is unbearable

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Delete your saved data, it’s a cure-all.

Just turn off your 3D audio.

I had this happen the other day, lasted for over two minutes. Damn near threw my headphones it was so loud. Why is it always one thing after another with this game?

And yes, 3D audio is off, been off since the last big sound bug.

I’m already deaf anyway, thanks illfonic.

Sorry if I sound ignorant, but is this sound glitch a PS5 thing?

There’s two main types, the first one basically mutes 95% of all audio. This one predominantly happens on PS4 and PS5 but can happen on PC (as far as I know).

The second creates a very loud deafening sound that may last the whole game or just last a bit kind of like the first one. This one as far as I know started on PC but has recently made its way to console.

I never had the first one on PS4. Not a single time.
On PS5 i had at the beginning before disabling 3d audio.
The second one i confirm it happens on PS5, but it’s very rare, maybe once in 100 matches.

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Same, I play on PS4 and I have never experienced any sound bug before.