Invincible invisible FT

Yesterday I was invisible and invincible and I teamed up with the Predator…after he shot me a million times and put traps on me, he said I was all grey, headless and on the floor, gosh I guess I’m the ghost of this game lol plz fix

Has happened several times for me, but you can’t sprint or use any weapons, though you can pick up veritanium etc.

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Oh that’s good

I’ve seen this bug a few times with Fireteam members, but today I saw it happen to a Predator player;
He showed up as Assault Class🤣
Totally invincible, but totally handicapped🤣

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Whoa 😮

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Even better when it happens to Fireteam, they can cockblock Predator attacks and act as a shield against AI🤣

And they show up in cinematics 🤣
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