Invincible the Amazon Prime show

Even if you’ve never read the comic, if you are a fan of shows like “the boys” highly recommend that you check out the new Amazon Prime show “Invincible” fair warning there is a scene of surprisingly brutal murder in the first episode

lol it gets so much worse later. I have a feeling itll be like The Boys though where they chicken out and its not a direct adaptation. Ennis is unadaptable though.

But Wth are all these raceswaps? Really what is the point of raceswapping animated characters?


Meh…if the race isn’t a core component of the character who cares?

Does a DNA stealing plotline count?

Not well versed enough in the source material to say. Generally I’d say no?

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Fair. Still bizarre.

I don’t feel like turning Amber into a token black woke character actually added anything to her purpose in the plot lol

But I don’t know where the rest of this is going. They got rid of the plot twist with the guardians and the guardians were actually able to put dad in the hospital.

Seems like a Boys situation already

Well honestly I was a marvel fanboy growing up so again I don’t really have the frame of reference. What I can say is that personally when it comes to racial castings, if it’s not a plot or character development point then it’s not a big deal.
Look at Michael Clarke Duncan in Kevin Smith’s Daredevil (granted terrible movie but the example is sound) he had the acting credibility and physicality at the time to be perfect for the role and it doesn’t affect the character. Idris Alba as Heimdall was fine. Now if you try to cast Denzel Washington as George Washington or Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm (with Kate Mara as Sue Storm)…yeah that doesn’t work so well

Cartoon version of the boys? I’m in

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Samuel L Jackson’s Nick Fury!

With animated stuff though there’s no physicality and some of the voice actors aren’t great.

Ehh its more like Justice League with fatalities. The Boys is a middle finger to superheroes, Invincible is very much still a superhero show and retains the optimism.

Just the low stakes fights are low stakes, whereas high stakes are high stakes & they try to put eachother down quickly (usually when out of sight of the public) and the gore’s there to reflect that.

I don’t count that because Marvel Ultimate universe literally changed Nick Fury into Samuel L. Jackson…like literally Disney treatment Sam in print. Which was cool in its own right and translated…they retconned the character in a new universe first…actually when you break it down its some Art imitating life imitating art type shit but anything was better than David Hasselhoff

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Just watched the first three episodes holy fuck this show is good

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That first episode though…

Jesus I didn’t expect that

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