Invisible Predator and AI. Tons of other bugs.

Twice since the last update, I got into a match with a fully invisible Predator. Never happened to me before (PS), and I’m not talking about cloaked and being dumb enough to not seeing it. They were hitting us (melee) and we could only see the green blood splash, but no Predator at all. I might have the video. I’ll post it if I do.
Also invisible AI. Getting hit from everywhere, but nobody around, then out of the sudden, they were surrounding me and the map was full of red dots. This right after I got half my health bar downed.
Also, AI inside walls, rocks, and what not and having a hard time killing them.
Unable to change OWLF’s outfit color.
Some matches I start with HUGE hands (this goes away once I aim).
Help @IllFonic @OldKingHamlet