Invisible Predator Glitch Is Back

Just had a match where the predator was completely invisible, even when it was in the water. No cloak silhouette or anything, just completely invisible.

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You’re just mad cause he has better cloak tech than you.



Skill issue


It never went away, can always happen at random

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They’ll definitely fix it this time


Lol definitely!

Hey I think I played you yesterday GG’s

Yes, haven’t run into you in some time. Nice to see you in the jungle again (or being matched up). Been a while.

If you ever want to do some FT feel free to add me 👍 I don’t play much anymore, maybe once a week



Yep, is a glitch. If the game is not reinstalled from scratch from time to time, a lot of bugs appear or stay even if they are fixed.

It’s not a glitch you can do it on purpose although some might do it on accident there are people who do it because they can’t win otherwise. We have actually killed people doing it which makes it that much better